The Politics Tag

The Tumblr Powers That Be have asked me to join the ranks of Politics Tag editors. A few points:

  • Here are the guidelines Tumblr has setdown for tag editors; the preference for original content is something I’ll focus on.
  • If you see my posts promoted, ‘twas not I that promoted them.
  • I assume every editor does their best to comb through the posts tagged ‘politics,’ but in the end, most featured posts come from a stable group of regular contributors that are followed by the editors. Please: If you follow a tumblr that frequently comments on US politics, but isn’t promoted, let me know. If you have a tumblr that features US-centric political commentary, let me know. If you write a post that you judge to have merit, but it hasn’t been featured, don’t be afraid of a little self-promotion. Reblogs are still 100 times more effective for getting attention to an issue or argument, but having your work spotlighted on a curated tag can’t hurt.
  • The Political Notebook and Political Party Girl duly acknowledged, the tag is still mostly a white, cis-gendered, boys club, which thanks to me, has one more straight, cis-gendered, white guy in a curating role. Regularly promoting quality tumblrs that don’t fit this mold requires knowing where to find those tumblrs, so clue me in.

Have any advice for me?

  1. aireymusica answered: thank you very much for your interesting posts!
  2. iwant-youforever answered: what?
  3. citizenkerry answered: no advice, but neat! i think you’re perfect for this!
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  7. laliberty answered: Whenever you promote a post, try to “like” or “reblog” it immediately before or after to lend some transparency. (PS - I’m hispanic).
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  9. externalities answered: "America is not the world"?
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    Really excited to welcome Ilya Gerner on board the Tumblr Politics team. He’s one of my very favourites. The always...
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