"Freedom" and Right-Wing Christian Nationalism

Like the Iowa State Fair or Lincoln-Reagan fundraising dinners in New Hampshire, Pastor John Hagee's Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas seems to be a mandatory stop for the Republican Primary Crazy Train. Newt Gingrich made his pilgrimage to Cornerstone on Sunday and spoke about fiscal conservatism and limited government the need to rewrite history and appropriate America’s Founders as symbols of Christian Nationalism:

On Sunday, the audience gave him a standing ovation as he spoke of the nation’s biggest threat: the growth of secular thought and an indifference to standing against militant Islam.

He warned that America is headed toward becoming a godless society unless voters take a stand against President Barack Obama and liberal-minded college professors and likeminded media pushing his agenda.

“There’s a desperation with which our elites are trying to create amnesia so that we literally have generations who have no idea what it means to be an American,” he said. […]

Those in line waiting spoke of Gingrich’s courage to spell out the battle lines between those who want a secular America and those working to preserve the nation’s religious roots.

“The heart of our faith is that this is a temporary moment on a much longer journey, and that we should spend this life preparing for a much larger life,” Gingrich said. “If you live purely secularly, and you believe there is no much larger life, then all of this is very foolish.”

I remain frustrated that there remain pockets of politically aware people who view the Tea Party and the re-invigorated conservative movement as a whole as being motivated by some intellectually respectable notion of freedom. There’s no talk of libertarian ‘negative' freedom here or social democratic 'positive' liberty, just a heavy dose of conservative Christianity laced with jingoistic nationalism.

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    Yep people who act on these beliefs are very definitely our present danger.
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    The last time a political party that met that bolded description gained power in a Western nation, they used Jews for...
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    Of the early GOP Presidential wannabes, Michele Bachmann is scary, but she’s also so daft that its hard for any rational...
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    I have several right-wing acquaintances who have said that very same thing, that they would prefer the US prop up the...
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    Reminder: these are the same people that insist the nonviolent deposition of a dictator in Egypt is a bad thing because...
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